Global College Opportunity

It's more than just getting help with your application

ChromaUp facilitates organic student development to succeed the rigorous university admissions process and thrive beyond. Students succeed the best when they discover and expand their interests to the point of becoming self-sustaining in their fervor. We achieve this by connecting students with our holistic array of academic, extracurricular, and creative resources - all anchored with our personal support.


Step 1 - Our Mobile App: It's like having a counselor in your pocket

Motivation, ideas, reminders - every month

- College readiness tips from experts

- Student achievements are archived to create and showcase a personal brand

- In-app college database, check out US colleges within the app

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Step 2 - Connect with our counselors

Our program is designed to help students achieve and thrive around their own passions. It's approach covers,


The most important element of a student’s success and our highest priority, as a strong performance in school provides the proverbial foot in the door for admissions. Ensure students are completely prepared for their classes and consult their course rigor to maximize possibilities for college acceptance.

Support Signs

Standardized Testing

Identify and target out students’ weaknesses to better their test-taking abilities and build studying habits i.e. New York Times articles, thematic vocabulary notecards with Latin roots, rhetorical essay guidance, and math worksheets.

Extracurricular Activities

Guidance to expose students to a multitude of opportunities in internships, service, and creative enrichment. Engage students’ interests, to connect them with activities of personal importance, rather than forcing a predetermined narrative.

Summer Research Programs

Utilize collective networks of research team to provide opportunities to work alongside graduate student mentors and college professors and gain their valuable insight. Make sure research fits students’ narratives, and then creatively help implement a tangible final paper, experiment, or project.

Research Network of over 50 professors and graduate students, spread across a number of fields. Opportunity to be mentored in a field of personal importance, growing intellectually while also developing important research skillsHave name attached to a final project, paper, or findings, a tangible, worthwhile accomplishment that endures long after the admissions process.