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What makes the difference in reaching your college goals? Awareness.

Your virtual guidance counselor

Overloaded and overwhelmed with preparing for college admissions? Do you need some help staying on track? The ChromaUp app is like a virtual counselor that guides you through the college admissions process, helps you find opportunities, and complete recommended activities that will help get you into college.

You can also create a visual portfolio, ChromaUp Timeline, of your achievments that you can share with colleges. ChromaUp isn’t just one more “to-do” on your list. It helps you create a better list — and check things off! Download the ChromaUp app today to start getting ready for college.

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Motivation, ideas, reminders –– every month

  • College-readiness tips from experts (Pathways)
  • Access to opportunities: scholarships, internships, competitions, research projects
  • Schedules for prep steps like testing, applications, summer plans

Get in the know about college admissions

  • Course load & Writing skills
  • Standardized test preparation and timing
  • Modern international language recommendations
  • Leadership, developmental, and extra-curricular activities
  • Research recommendations and project access

Expert advice at your fingertips

Do you wish you had some expert advice? College prep and admissions guidelines change every year. ChromaUp’s experts keep up with the evolving admissions requirements and process. We share that knowledge with you to ease your college admissions path.

And ChromaUp’s in-app College Finder search engine provides access to key info on U.S. colleges. Download and explore the ChormaUp app today. It’s a great way to start talking about college.

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Create your story. Own your story. Share your story.

Students are full of energy and passion. That’s what colleges want to see. Show them by capturing your interests, activities, and achievements the same way you socialize with friends. Simply download the mobile app, upload photos and videos of their accomplishments, and share with colleges.

Student Testimonials & Snapshots

The ChromaUp app creates a powerful visual portfolio (Timeline) that you can share with colleges (and scholarship organizations, camps and clubs, internships and jobs, counselors, friends, and family). The earlier you start, the richer your Timeline will be. Don’t wait until the last minute. By starting early, you’ll make it easier to get through crunch time in your last two years of high school. Get ahead of the curve and ready to jump on opportunities.
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