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How do you ensure your students achieve their academic goals and get into college? Guidance.

Guide students outside of school

You’re an educator. Your life’s mission is empowering students. You live to see them reach their goals. But there are a lot of students and not enough resources. ChromaUp can help.

By encouraging students to download the ChromaUp app, you can extend your reach and impact. You can’t always be there, but students always have their phones.

The ChromaUp app simplifies and enhances the process of documenting and sharing student interests, activities, and achievements. Empower them to create, own, and share their story.

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ChromaUp provides automated guidance all through high school to complement your advice. Students document their achievements in the form of photos and videos. The ChromaUp app generates a rich visual portfolio or ChromaUp Timeline which provides them with a great way to reflect and share their acheivments with college admissions and scholarship organizations.

Prep your students for college admissions

  • Course load & Writing skills
  • Standardized test preparation and timing
  • Modern international language recommendations
  • Leadership, developmental, and extra-curricular activities
  • Research recommendations and project access

Expand your student advisory team

Through the Chroma app, students receive reminders, schedules, suggestions, and opportunities curated by college readiness experts. They can also use the ChromaUp in-app college search engine to query the database for information that will help them find the right fit.

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Collaborate with ChromaUP

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about working with us.

“We can set up collaborative programs with your school or advising business.”

For the students by the students

We have an amazing pool of student ambassadors, current and previous students who can be a valuable resource. We can recommend ambassadors that are available to talk to students. We regard their advice and feedback as critical to our success.

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