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What’s the best way to find students that are a fit with your academic programs? Data.

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We work with students grades 8th – 12th worldwide as they chart their course to college throughout their high school years. Students create visual Timelines that help them capture their interests, activities, and achievements through photos and videos and share them with colleges — a fun and familiar way to engage them in working toward their goals!

Partner with ChromaUp and get monthly lists of students who have engaged with your content or indicated interest in your college. Along with names, grades, and test scores — we give you amazing details on the students and their achievements via their Timelines.

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Using the uploaded content, the app auto-generates a rich visual portfolio (called Timeline in the app) they can share with college admissions and scholarship organizations.

Through the app, students receive regular strategic guidance: tips, schedules, motivations, ideas, opportunities, and reminders.

Build your enrollment pipeline

We understand that colleges and universities in the U.S. tend to face one of two challenges: too many qualified applicants, or not enough high-quality, good fit candidates.

ChromaUp can help you discover, recruit, and engage with a diverse pool of prospects — with minimal effort. Find enthusiastic students who are seeking what you offer. Make sure you aren’t missing out on star students that would be a perfect fit for your school.

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U.S.-Bound International Students

Are you actively recruiting international students bound for college in the U.S.? We have collaborative programs in place in schools in India.

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Discover the best student prospects for your college. Share information about your school’s programs and opportunities. Engage students earlier in their high school careers, before the admissions crunch begins.

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For the students by the students

We have an amazing pool of student ambassadors, current and previous students who can be a valuable resource. We can recommend ambassadors that are available to talk to students. We regard their advice and feedback as critical to our success.

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