We’re on a mission

We are all about bringing students closer to their dreams. And we mean all students, not just those who are already on the college prep path. There are so many colleges in the U.S. — and they are looking for all kinds of candidates. You don’t have to fit a mold, and you don’t need perfect grades or test scores. You have passion, energy, curiosity, and drive. We have experience, expertise, and proven strategies. We want to help you put them together and get ready for your college journey.

Meet the Team

We’re fun folks who are doing something about the fact that lots of great students don’t have equitable access to college because of the way the system evaluates college readiness and provides guidance. Contact us if you’d like to join our team.


Supra Manohar, Business & Product Guy

Supra has been evangelizing educational methods and products for over a decade now. He has held senior positions in EdTech companies working closely across the eco-system advocating the use of technology to influence student success and outcomes. He always welcomes a good debate about issues or ideas.


Arnold Gelacio, Engineering & Code Wizard

Arnold has over 15 years of experience as a software engineer developing many products from the ground up for enterprise and startup companies. He likes competing at hackathons and has even won a couple prizes with his team at TechCrunch's Disrupt Hackathon in San Francisco. He also enjoys singing karaoke.


Ronald Gelacio, Outreach Jedi

Ron has more than a decade of experience developing websites and building online niche communities. Besides onboarding students and organizations, his goal is to educate students all over the world about college readiness. He is a jack of all trades.

Executive & Academic Counselors


Alex Kim

Since 2010 Alex has served as a college counselor intimately mentoring students on their journey to college. Over half of Alex's students have been admitted to the ivy league colleges and 100% of Alex's students have been admitted to a top 50 ranked university according to the US News best colleges rankings. Alex has worked with and helped students in the US, Asia, and India. NYU and Morgan Stanley.


Kris Kim

Kris has over 15 years of experience in higher education that includes completing research projects for American Institute for Research and WestEd. She has also completed a fellowship with the Federal Department of Education. On her spare time she writes columns for various newspapers and magazines.


India & Middle East Development

male-headshot (1)

Shamil Bicha, our man in Asia

Shamil is a prolific global business development executive with extensive experience in developing organizations from the ground-up in developing markets. He is an engineer by education and currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.


Divya Sreenivas

An interest in the evolution of civilizations led Divya Sreenivas to University of New Mexico for a PhD. If innovations build empires, universities nurture the talent to sustain them. Over 15 years of experience in higher education as a researcher, teacher and counselor lend credence to her unshakable trust in the system's ability to steer humanity into the future. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities with her toddler.




Dr. David Fetterman

David has over 25 years of experience at Stanford University. He was a member of the faculty in the School of Education and the Director of Evaluation in the School of Medicine. He is the past-president of the American Evaluation Association and the author of 16 books. David uses evaluation to improve education nationally and internationally. He is committed to helping people help themselves, including for preparation for college admissions.