About ChromaUp

What is it we hope to gain by helping students get into college? A brighter future.

We’re on a mission

We are all about bringing students closer to their dreams. And we mean all students, not just those who are already on the college prep path. There are so many colleges in the U.S. — and they are looking for all kinds of candidates. You don’t have to fit a mold, and you don’t need perfect grades or test scores. You have passion, energy, curiosity, and drive. We have experience, expertise, and proven strategies. We want to help you put them together and get ready for your college journey.


What’s in a name?

You might be asking yourself why ChromaUp? Simply put, chroma means pure color. Our app and expertise help students bring dynamic color to the story they want to share about their college journey, achievements, and interests. The visual timelines the students create in the app will bring their experiences to life in the vibrant colors of photos and videos. Color up your story and get noticed by college admissions, scholarship programs, and more.

The colors of the rainbow represent the rich diversity of student backgrounds, the full spectrum of student interests and talents, and the aspirations behind students’ college dreams.


Who do we think we are?

You probably want to know what qualifies us to give students college readiness advice. Good question! Our founders, staff, and advisors come from an impressive collection of careers in academic advising, curriculum developing, community building, and technology innovating. We work closely with students, parents, professors, and admissions officers to provide the guidance, proven strategies, and unique insights that will help college-bound students reach their goals.

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For the students by the students

We have an amazing pool of student ambassadors, current and previous students who can be a valuable resource. We can recommend ambassadors that are available to talk to students. We regard their advice and feedback as critical to our success.

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