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100% of students that work with our counselors have been admitted to top 5 colleges of their choice.


Whether a high school freshman or senior, we partner with your student to identify their strengths and goals, develop strong academic and personal skills, refine creative and athletic talents, and stay organized and positive throughout their high school career.


Check out some of the ChromaUp students and their success

Pallab. S

Currently UMich Ross

Masao. K

Currently American School, Japan

Rehaan. B

Currently Indus International, India

"ChromaUp was an integral part of my son's college application process that led to Ivy League acceptance. While he was a competitive student, ChromaUp provided a roadmap that was invaluable to any teenager struggling to manage multiple tasks. ChromaUp guided him to cognizant of his own activity and it's impact in the earlier years. He became more proactively involved with his swim team and took leadership positions in various school clubs and outside programs. Most importantly, ChromaUp experts coached him through a two-year research outside of school that provided the underlying themes of his college essays in a wonderfully organic manner."   

- Jean Chung Parent of Yujin. Currently attending Princeton University